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The ESL Solo Fullspeed League 2 (SFL2) has now been wrapped up, and it's de Addi.nub from eSports United that takes home the victory. 


Match-report by smog

"The Solo Fullspeed League 2 Final started on the 11th May at 17:00 CEST between de pascow, de Harry, de Addi.nub and nl HoneyBadger. After the first rounds the participants were close to each other but the three players of eSports United showed that they will rule the match. They showed a great performance with constant and good times. Unfortunately HoneyBadger wasn't able to keep up with them because of some fails and so he got some backlog. Till the end, pascow, Harry and Addi.nub showed a close and exciting match.
But Addi.nub was the first who reached the finalist status, followed by his mate pascow with only 4 points less.
It was a very close last round between them but Addi.nub showed a great end on ESL-Nevermad, drove a 49.52 and took the title of the SFL2.
pascow was the next who reached the finalist status but managed to fail the next round. So he had to do one more round to get the second place.
He did and the match transformed to a 1on1 between Harry and HoneyBadger.
The german player showed a better perfomance on ESL-powerful ninja zoid and refused his opponent to the fourth place."

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