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The Dirt endurance experience is back on Trackmania² Stadium ! After the success of the Infinity 24H on april, be Infinity Jack and be Vod'R Hack joined to propose their endurance in solo !

Race rules and plugin are almost the sames as the 24H, you have a deadline and a maximum of CP to cross to win ! The race will start Sunday, May 26th at 2:30pm CET! Track being unknown, players will play a warm-up during 20 minutes to learn it. Begining of the race at 3:00pm CET, and finish at 7:00pm CET. During these 4H of race, drivers will got two breaks of 3 minutes.

One thing is important : Contrary to the 24H, drivers will see their number of CP crossed in live on the server, thanks to a plugin coded by fr JTT Maverick. Pressure will be there !

Big names already joined the event : fr Nicofr Bepino.Jrse Duffarnfr Devilfr Manuhu Emberfr Chuckca Wally.

Prizes : 

  1. gold 25€ + Gold Tag
  2. silver 15€ + Silver Tag
  3. bronze 10€ + Bronze Tag

Join us on Sunday, May 26th at 2:30pm to participate at this so closed experience ! Registrations on :


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#1 by Wally on 2013-05-11 at 21:00
C'est gentil de me mettre dans les gros joueurs... mais je suis Canadien :D
#2 by Deejay on 2013-05-11 at 21:42
Fixed, Désolé monsieur Trudeau :p
#3 by Wally on 2013-05-11 at 21:47
hehehe xD

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