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After CAP, take a look now at the EMS !! (Thanks to Korre for his help for the traduction)

ESL Major Series, in teams !

Revolution! That's the word that crosses our mind when taking a look at this new ESL season. TNA's 400 euros for the winner are nothing compared to the prize money in the upcoming ESL Major Series. 2000 euros will be shared between the top3. EMS VII might go into history as the last individual season, where se.png Frostbeule won his 5th EMS in a row in front of   it.png Legend and fr.png Kimi.
As mentioned in the CAP news, EMS will replace the first division of ESL CPS, with a major change in the amount of teams. 16 teams will now be playing in 4 groups. We asked d-moll and Paddy (ESL TMNF heads admins) about their hopes before the begining of the season:

de.png d-moll : "Hi Trackmaniacs,
As you should have realized, we decided to change the CPS Premierleague to ESL Major Series with 2000 € Prize money. The main reason was to dont collide with the main 1on1 tournaments like WCG/ ESWC and bring team trackmania on a new level. (I hope to see WCG again with TM...)
I hope that the community knows what a chance we have with this tournament now. I would like to see many close matches and very many beautiful livestreams and a great coverage from pages like tm-actu.com.
Lets have a chilled season for us admins with a good coordination to the teams, less PPs, many spectators and trained players. Gl hf :-)"

de.png Paddy : "I expect a nice season with nice fights, especially Group B who seems to be the most epic group. My biggest fear is the Premium-Case. I hope that each team will be fullpremium at the beginning of the season that we do not have to give that much penaltys. But we also please each spectator – please watch the streams to improve the section more and more. If we work together, we can reach quite good things, therefore we need the help of everyone. So be helpful to help TMNF grow more and more. All in all we will surely see a nice ESL Major Series, let’s be a perfect example for all other games! :)"

One "POT 1" has been established to distribute every semi finalist of the last season in every groups. Those teams are : 

  • fr.png MythiX.WinamaX
  • uk.png YoYotech
  • de.png G@med!DE
  • uk.png Dignitas

Added to this also 12 others teams who will try to beat the favourite of their group : 

  • eu.png RAGE-eSport
  • de.png n!faculty
  • pt.png Advanced
  • pt.png paranoid|darkteam
  • cz.png wX.Group by Crew.sk
  • fi.png Underground Motorsport of FIN
  • no.png Lions.BB 
  • eu.png Infinity-delta
  • at.png They Kick Ass
  • uk.png Team Infused.Tt eSports
  • ru.png Infinity formula
  • pt.png Gtz Gaming eSports

The most represented nations are United kingdom (3), Portugal (3) and Germany (2). France will have only one team this season. About the rules, nothing changes except that there will be only 6 matchs per group. Each team will face his opponents twice, similar to the Champion's League in football. The top2 of each group will go to the single-elimination playoffs. That implicates a playoff tree with 8 teams instead of last year's final four.

The rules

Like i said, there aren't many changes. Submatchs and matchpoints stay the sames with always a bonus for the teams matchs like 3/3 & 5/5.

Each players can always play only 2 maps / match maximum, and the 1/1 player can't play the 2/2 and vice versaChaque joueur ne peut toujours joué que 2 maps maximum, et le joueur du 1/1 ne peut jouer le 2/2 et vice versa. Only the 1/1 player can play 3 submatch, if he plays 1/1 & 5/5 (on the same map) and also the 3/3.

Maps & Mapschedule

This season, there will be only 3 mappack so overall 9 maps, a good news for the lazy boys (and girls) but also for our fingers and our lifes. The first mappack is now out since more than 1 week and we can notice that they have the same length, 56 sec low 55 high. So the maps are :

  • Map D : ESL - Suzuka by Clem & Roa
  • Map E : ESL - Grenade by musatava_dc_
  • Map F : ESL - Denolied by anacondas

And the mapschedule : 


Team uk.png YoYotechs is once more the big favourite of this season. Although they are one of the major team of the trackmania scene for quite a while, they have a hard time winning big competitions (only one victory, ESL premiership 5) even if they always end up in the final four though, like in STC7 last winter. But with se.png Frostbeule everything is possible. Also with the addition of  nl.png Tamarillo in more, uk.png YoYotechlooks really attractive on paper. The only question without answer is whether players like fr.png YoYo or po.png Shief  have the proper motivation. Just like for uk.png Dignitas, that might be the biggest problem for them.

Without doubt the most incredible team on the paper. no.png Bergie's team can win everything if they work for it. With the recruitement of ca.png Carl Jr, Dignitas can count on a great player who's always well trained, which was sometimes the missing thing in this team. With players like se.png KarjeN, de.png Razor or it.png Legend, the UK multigaming could be able to win EMS, which would be their first big team victory in Trackmania since STC 2. Disapointing during the last ESL (4th) and the last STC (3rd), uk.png Dignitas still has a lot to prove. So will they finally play a final that a lot of people wait or will they have another disappointment? With the EMS cash prize, we can think that it will motivate the players to win though. 

The actuals champions will try to keep their title. It promises to be harder than last season because  fr.png Kimi's team lost his best player ca.png Carl Jr and the 2 russians ru.png Argus & ru.png Scoob because of exams. But the team can count on the new polish talent pl.png nugget who seems to be able to replace the canadian. And with the same base line-up with tr.png KinGoDfr.png Roa and fr.png Hayabusa, fr.png mythiX will most likely succeed in reaching the playoffs and probably the final four. After the very disappointing final in the STC7, the team seemed to be in an difficult position and we're wondering if they will wake up in EMS...

Outsiders :

The german team will try to forget the bad performance in STC by getting confidence from the bronze medal of last CPS.. But with some new players like de.png Sky or de.png pokeY, next to de.png Olf and de.png BlackPhoenix the team looks quite strong. By winning against fr.png mythiX in the groupstage last year, they showed that they can be a redoubtable opponent. Because they were seeded first, they have a good chance in reaching the playoffs once again.

The new eu.png RAGE-eSport team will be a team to follow this season. Just like de.png G@MED.DE,they seem really close to the favourites since they can count on great players like the excellent no.png znik and the talented se.png Krolle, winner of the NC6 with sweden. With the addition of new talents like fi.png Azina or de.png dev!l, the team can cause many problems to the tenors. Since eu.png RAGE is in the second pot and will face one of the four top seeded teams, one death group seems to be born at forehand already.

With 3 victories in 7 CPS seasons, de.png n!faculty is the most successful team in the ESL TMNF history. But the team changed a lot since her last victory. We also thought they were going to disappear after their last place in the ESL 6 and their bad STC. But the managers formed a really interesting team around their strongholder de.png oNio. With the addition of de.png Bazz, and mainly the reinforcement of the cz.png eSuba duo sk.png Hakki junior & sk.png tween, the team will be redoubtable and will scare the best teams for sure.

Two portugueses teams will be to follow this season and pt.png Advanced is one of them. Recently formed before the STC where they didn't play really well, the team will try to get a revenge to show what they can really do. And with pt.png Kuduro and pt.png Rewind, she will be really hard to control especially when a player like  br.png Vini arrived during the mid-season in a team who can also count on the reinforcement de.png Val!um for the EMS...

The second portuguese team is none other than pt.png pn|dark. Accustomed of internationals competitions, they haven't been able to achieve good results in big tournaments, despite performing really well in rather small ones. But with players like pt.png Jalles and pt.png Tiago, the team is always ready to face their opponents. And if se.png puckocz.png horeni or ca.png mael train hard, the team might be a threat to the bigger teams.

Group A : 

Position Country
Team Points
de.png Gamed!DE
0 +0
no.png Lions.BB
0 +0
ru.png iF
0 +0
fi.png UMF
0 +0

de.png G@MED!DE can be happy because they got the weekest group. They are the favourite without any doubt and they will probably qualify without a lot of effort, although they shouldn't underestimate teams like no.png Lions.BB or fi.png UMFwho can get some points with their respective top players no.png Viper and fi.png Lohke. Behind these teams, ru.png iF doesn't seem to be strong enough to win something in this group, even if they will try to do their best.

Réactions :

fi.png Q (UMF) : "After the group drawing we thought that we can be quite happy for our group, because the result was pretty much, what we expected. GAMED.DE will even stronger this year than last and Lions has a lot of talented players, who are incredibly fast. iF is a dangerous team too and it would be a big mistake to underestimate their skills. We will do our best to fight against those three teams and we won't give up fighting until the very last round of the group stage has been driven. :) GL for all participants!"

de.png Marsh (G@med!de) : "Our first opponent will be iF. They have some well-known members, and surely are keen to challenge us. I am curious how they will be able to perform. Afterwards we will meet the friendliest clan on earth, UMF :). They sure can do well, proven already in last CPS season. I think they will challenge Lions for the second place.  And yeah I dont really know what to expect from Lions. With their new additions such as Viper they seem to be ready, but i was a bit disappointed from their last season. So lets see and wait In my opinion its the easiest group of all high seeded teams. We wont underestimate our opponents but we are very confident to qualify in first position."

be.png Onyx (iF) : "Well i think that  team gamed.de will leads our group without doubt and for the second place, UMF vs Lions promise to us an hard battle. We will simply try to make this scenario impossible so GOO pown this EMS gl hf ;D"

no.png Olek (Lions) : "Group A might be the closest group. Here we actually find 4 teams that could, with a little luck, all proceed to playoffs. There's no doubt about Gamed being the favourite, but the three other teams might very well surprise each other. From a Lions point of view, this is a group that should be manageable for us. We hope we'll be able to proceed through to the playoffs."

Prognosis : de.png G@MED!DE no.png Lions.BB

Group B : 

Position Country Team Points
uk.png YoYotech
0 +0
eu.png Inf-D
0 +0
de.png n!faculty
0 +0
eu.png RG-ESPORT
0 +0

The hardest group for sure! And it's none other than uk.png YoYotech who is the unlucky team who will have to meet 3 great teams! nl.png Spam and his teammates from eu.png RAGE could cause serious problems for uk.png YoYotech so the UK-based team will have to be extremely vigilant. But also de.png n!faculty of de.png oNio and eu.png Inf-delta of hu.png Salvatore are very motivated to qualify for the playoffs, which means uk.png YoYotech up for 6 tense matches and very few time to take it easy.

Réactions :

be.png Korre (YYT) : "I think we probably have the hardest group. n!faculty has proven in the past that it's a stable team, with some very good new players like bazz. With the help of hakkiJunior and tween, it will be hard matches. RG-Esports is a very talented team with their great captain znik and good players like Spam, Rizou and many more...Infinity-delta seems the least impressive on paper, but we can't underestimate them. With Clown and Peti93, they recruited some experienced players and they will be extremely motivated. But all of this doesn't mean that we don't go for the first place. We're still YoYoTech and with our line-up, we can't afford any missteps."

nl.png Ab (inf-d ) : "Lets say i wasn"t very happily surprised to see us in this group, which i consider as the death poule... but i feel like it's also an opportunity to show what inf-d can really do and i hope and feel like we can win some matches even tho it will be the hardest challenge the team has ever had. If we would win matches in this poule, a lot of people will be surprised because inf-d doesn't have the image of being able to win of teams like nfac rg and yyt but we're going for the surprise and i am confident we will bring one;)"

no.png Znik (RG-ESPORT) : "Our group is probably the hardest one. YoYoTech is no doubt the predicted winner of the group, with their latest recruits. Also n!faculty with their fast german players and the powerful duo from eSuba, will make it a very hard task for us to remain in top2 after groupstage. inf-d is not doing it easier either, which also upgraded the team significant since the last time we met them in Second League. But it will be very fun to play in the first team edition of EMS this season, and I think we will see a great playoff with alot of close matches!"

de.png oNio (n!faculty) : "What should i say about such a Group...I think it's a bit unlucky for n! to be drawn in such a group for the first season of our new team. But in an other way it's a chance for us to show how is the new n!faculty squad after the bad last season. With YoYoTech we have a favorite for the title in our group, because i think, FrostBeule is very keen to continue his unbelieveble stats in the EMS. Rage Gaming is the direct Opponent for the Playoff-Slot i think, because they have such known names like Krolle, Znik, DeviL and Spam in their team. The only "easier" Problem is Infinity-Delta. We surely shouldn't understimate them, but if our guys are well trained, then we can expect to win both matches. I predict, that n!faculty will fight with YoYoTech for the 1st Place in our Group. :)That's my first "1st League-Appearance", so I'm really looking forward to it and will be trained for the hard match vs. YYT. In this sense: GO n! GO AGAIN"

Prognosis : uk.png YoYotech eu.png RAGE-ESPORT

Group C :

Position Country Team Points
fr.png MythiX
0 +0
pt.png pn|dark
0 +0
pt.png Gtz
0 +0
uk.png Infused
0 +0

Last year's champion fr.png MythiX is in a group where they are looking to be good enough to finish on the first place. Still, watch out for the great team pt.png pn|dark who already won against them at the trackcup 2 final last year, and we can expect that fr.png Hayabusa and the others will be vengefull... As uk.png Infused who lost one of his best player it.png Remix to their french opponent, will also be keen on revenge. They will try to play at their best level and with player like de.png Scream, the team looks quite strong. On the other side, we dont see how pt.png Gtz can expect something in this group, even if they have some good players like pt.png Wolf.

Réactions :

uk.png Nemesis (Infused) : "I think we got a reasonable group, Group B is certainly the group of death so im glad we avoided that. Our group is by no means easy, Mythix is of course most likely to win, but really i feel that its between us and paranoids for second place.. and both our teams are evenly matched. Should be interesting to see it unfold :D. Can't undertestimate gtz either, im sure they too will train hard."

fr.png Kimi (mythiX) : "We were expected to not get in our group some teams like n! or RG-eSport and thanks god to listening to us. But at least we have pn|dark wich is a team we can't underestimate as we have to take a revenge against them. I don't know what to think about Gtz, i guess it will be hard for them but it would be stupid to do the same mistake that we did in the past season against wX. About infused, i 'm still waiting to see their real level, they have a great line up but they never really confirmed in team competition. Anyway we'll be ready to not be surprised by these teams and to finish 1st wich is our main goal. GL HF to everyteams."

pt.png Angel (pn|dark) : "We think that it's a strong group with strong teams... Mx is a well known and for sure  the strongest team in the group ( strong players, many experience). Infused is also a team with history , they have good players like bits and yam, among others and they can for sure fight for a good position. Ghost are a surprise on Ems. From what we know about them they are a dangerous team due to the commmitment of their players... wolf, firefox and noviso are just an example of some dangerous players... they can provide a surprise. But well we have a good lineup and we are motivated... players like pucko and horeni were great reinforcements and surely they will help us get good results. We will try to qualify for the playoffs, but we know for sure that it won't be easy at all... we expect great games, great fights and above all we expect to provide a good show."

pt.png JNDR (Ghostz) : "I think that without doubt the strongest team is mX and they will pass "easily" to the next phase. About pN|Dark and Infused, I think that both have capacity to go to the next stage while the team Gtz Gaming is less known. We'll think game by game, give our best and perphaps make surprises. It will without doubts be a good battle for 2nd place and in name of Gtz Gaming, I wish good luck to all teams."

Prognosis : fr.png MythiX pt.png pn|dark

Group D :

Position Country Team Points
uk.png Dignitas
0 +0
pt.png Advanced
0 +0
at.png tka
0 +0
cz.png wX
0 +0

This group seems pretty clear, as Team uk.png Dignitas has by far the strongest line-up, followed by pt.png Advanced. at.png tka and cz.png wX seem to be the weaker teams in this group, but they better watch out. uk.png Dignitas seems to be so much better than the others, even if pt.png Sonic and his crew will try to be a pain uk.png Dignitas' ass. at.png tka of at.png Markus10 will have to step up their level to get some points because even cz.png wX under the wings of cz.png Jakub19 is a serious team who can do some good matchs like they proved last season when they won against fr.png mythiX.

Reactions :

no.png Bergie (dignitas) : "I cant say I am not satisfied with this group, as we could have gotten way worse opponents. That being said, I respect all teams in the group and I will make sure my players dont underestimate them. I expect us to go through in first place and wX + advanced will fight for the second spot. Tka really need to live up to their team name if they want to go through:) GL HF!"

pt.png Sonic (Advanced) : "Well in my opinion our group is not a soo hard group!! I think dignitas and advanced are favourite to win this group! Tka is a nice team but we won against them in EMS Q1 and i think we can do it again! About wX i know that jakub is a nice player but we have a very nice LU and i'm positiv that we can win against them! Speaking about dignitas, they are the favourits for 1st place, but sometimes favourits don't win! Let's pray...ahahhahah"

at.png Markus10 (tka) : "We are very happy to be qualified for EMS, and we are looking forward to this season. I think we got some nice opponents in our group, but everything is possible in this group. Since we are feeling underestimated, we want to show to everybody what we are able to do and of course we want to reach the playoffs. Like i said, we think we can do that, but it won't be easy."

cz.png Robi (wX) : "When I saw our group, I was surprised, because our group were looking easy. But it was only first feeling. When I went through lineups, I changeed my mind. Team Dignitas is for sure favourite, because their players are very skilled, but we'll do our best on the matches against them to play dramatics matchs. Advanced is also high skilled team, they will be very dangerous. They don't have any weak player. Last but not least team is tka. Players from this team are not really known for me, but they are in EMS Groupstage so it's mean, that they want to do their best and we must prepare well for this match. In all, I hope that all matches will be close and that the best teams will progress to playoffs."

Prognosis : uk.png dignitas pt.png Advanced

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