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NrjZ just released few weeks ago a nice Trackmania Nation Forever video about is new team called THC. So the main goal of this "skill video" is to introduce you to this new Line-up! Enjoy.

NrjZ : "Hey guys, this is a presentation of a TrackMania team called THC (Tetra Hydro Cannabinol) which I am part. The video is a simple presentation of our active members. This team plays exclusively tech stadium. The team was found in 2011 by Spliff, since then we've continued to grow and never looked back, with a team comprised of experienced and enthusiastic players, young and old from all over Europe, who all have the same vision of one day being noticed as a top team within the TM community."

Line-up :

  • Killzone (RO)
  • troLL (BEL)
  • MathiCs (NED)
  • Fuzzy (EST)
  • Stealth (UK)
  • DloW (RO)
  • Thommy (DK)
  • TnT4blast (NED)
  • eXe (CRO)
  • 4-Ever (RO)
  • NrjZ (FRA)
  • Lateralus (DK)
  • Tauras (NED)
  • Skan (RO)
  • Spliff (UK)

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