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Less than one week before the begining of the competition, TM-ACTU offers to you the opportunity to take a look on the CAP..

Competition Amateur Premierships?

It means nothing to you? don't worry, it's new. The old CPS (Competition premiership) is now divided in 2 parts; in one side the "professionals" with EMS and in an other side the "Amateurs" with CAP, with an amount of 67 teams for 1100 players! In real, there isn't really a changement, same amount of maps, same matchdays (Sunday and sometimes thursday) around 19h30 CET for CAP. This season, there will be 5 leagues if we count the one of EMS, we can already enjoy it for the expansion of Trackmania (a bit less for me, more leagues = more work -_-) and we hope to see a lot of great matchs in this season !

The rules

Like i said, there aren't many changes. Submatchs and matchpoints stay the sames with always a bonus for the teams matchs like 3/3 & 5/5.

Each players can always play only 2 maps / match maximum, and the 1/1 player can't play the 2/2 and vice versaChaque joueur ne peut toujours joué que 2 maps maximum, et le joueur du 1/1 ne peut jouer le 2/2 et vice versa. Only the 1/1 player can play 3 submatch, if he plays 1/1 & 5/5 (on the same map) and also the 3/3.

Maps & Mapschedule

This season, there will be only 3 mappack so overall 9 maps, a good news for the lazy boys (and girls) but also for our fingers and our lifes. The first mappack is now out since more than 1 week and we can notice that they have the same length, 56 sec low 55 high. So the maps are :

  • Map D : ESL - Suzuka by Clem & Roa
  • Map E : ESL - Grenade by musatava_dc_
  • Map F : ESL - Denolied by anacondas

And the mapschedule : 

Take a look now on the different leagues of this CAP

The second league has the particularity to be the only division with 10 teams, so the players will have and hard life with 9 match incoming and maybe more with the relegations.
About the teams, only de.png SL, accustomed of the 1st league seems to be a bit better than the other, even if they lost some great players like de.png Razor and de.png Skyes.png fanactis and fr.png Oxygen are still here, despite for the last one of the leaving of their best player fr.png wells and they shouldn't be so far from the bests. se.png Replica, recently reformer, will have the hard task to keep the pace in this group for their first competition, and we'll maybe see eu.png Minipeace or fr.png Xp!ozion with their great line ups (fr.png Slevin fr.png papou fr.png Rossi fr.png Canna...) to fight for the firsts spots.

Our prognosis : de.png SL & fr.png Xp!ozion

For this third division, nl.png Mouse Control seems to be the stronger team. With players like nl.png Micro from fr.png mythiX and nl.png  KoeenZ, the team can count on a big experience and will be really difficult to control. Behind it will be tight with eu.png RTA of de.png blizz and de.png Vogterfr.png Saphire of fr.png Andreasde.png sigN of de.png JoDoo or again ru.png WoS of ru.png Gamble. The group will be really close and the first who will do a mistake will be out for the firsts spots !

Our prognosis : nl.png Mouse Control & de.png sigN


Group A:

A group where we find the deutsch team of de.png Competo wich will surely fight for the firsts slots even if br.png FAST brasil is the best team on the paper with br.png dido and br.png mgH. Behind, fr.png Vodka will try to stay in contact of the leads.

Our prognosis : br.png FAST brasil & de.png Competo

Group B:

In this second group, it.png Ba will for sure dominate without any problems. We can't see wich team can control 
 CiaP or 
 Extreme. For the second slot, it's harder to find but it seems like po.png TCW has the best possibility with players like 

Our prognosis : it.png Ba & 
po.png TCW

Group A:

Group where everything can happen but 
 Phenix-Gaming seems to be able to fight for the 1st slot with the deutsch teams de.png  ESU, de.png dac-SP or de.png bullracing.

Our prognosis : fr.png Phenix & de.png Bullracing

Group B:

 GOD will probably crush every teams in this group. Behind, it will be close for the 2nd spot !

Our prognosis : fr.png GoD & ???

Group C:

 p.r.o will certainly win this group with his leader 
 narko. After, it will be tight between all those teams.

Our prognosis : 
fr.png p.r.o
de.png Glow

Group D:

 Grr should be the favorite in this group but their 2 best players 
 zo0m & 
Sweet play with 
 o0 so eveything can happen....

Our prognosis : eu.png nwt & 

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