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Hello all Stadium lovers. A recently started project called is getting ready for public. There are still alot of changes and improvements to be made, but the core functions and layout are ready so that everyone can start to add information about players, teams and tournaments. Before you get started, please read the Help page and look at already existing pages to understand how to contribute to the wiki in the best possible way.

About Stadium Wiki
The Stadium Wiki was founded on the 4th April, 2013 by znik, hosted by SiteGround's servers. The Wiki's intent is to document the competition side of the video game, TrackMania² Stadium, produced by NADEO, in an encyclopaedic manner that proves beneficial to trackmaniacs, players and prospective players. You will also find historical events taken from the predecessor video game, TrackMania Nations Forever, produced by NADEO.
Why stadum-wiki?
After the tm-rankings page went inactive I saw the lack of a page to gather and document information about the Competitive scene of TrackMania. We are restricting the page currently to Stadium related competitions, meaning Tech, Speed and Dirt.
Are you interested?
Before you add yourself or any other players/teams/tournaments to the page please read the restrictions for entering the different Wiki lists.
To League and Tournament hosters
Do you have plans for future hosting of leagues, tournaments or cups? If the answer is yes please make use of stadium-wiki to insert information about your tournament and map-packs. The wiki does not just document history, it also contains future events and the "Tournaments" page can be a perfect place to gather future events and make a "calendar" for TrackMania competitions. If you don't know how to add content to the wiki, please contact some of the admins for help and guidance.
To Players and Teams
Do you want to be in the Competitive Player/Team list or add information about others? Simply register an account (with your tm nickname) and start editing the pages. There are many players and teams missing from the lists that probably should be here and we hope as many as possible will help to add information to the wiki. 
To Community Players
We also choose to include a list of community players, covering:
- League and Tournament admins
- Casters and Streamers
- Movie Producers
- Successful Map makers
Again, please read the restrictions in the Help#Definitions page before you add yourself and others to the lists.
Great examples of how to build up your page:
Recruiting moderators and interested Dirt and Speed people
At the moment the page is heavily influenced by the Tech community. We are searching key players from the Dirt and Speed scene in order to get realistic restrictions and players that know the scene well enough to moderate and double-check if information is correct. We also search for people that would like to help develope the Wiki further. Especially if you have knowledge with .css and .php
Contact znik on skype: skarsteinduden or mail peterdude[at]live[dot]no
We hope to see many players take interest and part in the future of this project! The brilliant thing with a Wiki is that it will never die!

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#1 by frostBeule on 2013-05-01 at 18:16
This is awesome!
#2 by dec on 2013-05-01 at 18:33
An awesome project indeed, go go!
#3 by Sabre on 2013-05-01 at 19:06
definitely a good thing for the scene, a database will be a great tool in helping any new spectators/players become more acquainted with it! good job guys
#4 by Teka on 2013-05-01 at 19:08 Modified 2013-05-01 at 19:35
Great idea !
Are we going to have the possibility to write in differents languages ?
#5 by Aken on 2013-05-01 at 19:39
Only in english for the moment. We think that all articles have to be at least written in english.

Once the wiki will be completed we'll certainly open subdomains for each languages ;)

#6 by Minato on 2013-05-02 at 03:20
I pretty much like the idea of a new wiki, but...

We are restricting the page currently to Stadium related competitions, meaning Tech, Speed and Dirt.

It's the same question everytime. Why do we have to split the community within one game... again?

The brilliant thing with a Wiki is that it will never die!

But it can become outdated... and especially in a fast paced game like Trackmania where new teams are born out of nowhere or teams suddenly disband or become inactive it should be a main priority to keep the wiki up to date. But I guess it's up to the community to make this wiki become successful and I really hope that it will be.

#7 by ArtiShöw on 2013-05-02 at 03:53

Considering the huge amount of work it represents and the small admin crew there is at moment, we restrict this to the game we have the biggest knowledge about.

If you want to develop a Canyon wiki or Shootmania whatever, feel free to do it by yourself with your own crew.

I personally think it is better to get involved in a project which is possible rather than trying to complete history of too many games at same time.

#8 by infarctus on 2013-05-02 at 09:31
sure, that's obvious.
#9 by Wotre on 2013-05-02 at 09:44
Very very nice!
#10 by Narko on 2013-05-02 at 18:52
Great that you launch this ! I used to say having such thing would be really interesting for our community ! (so many things happened, hard to remember everything)
#11 by znik on 2013-05-02 at 19:07 Modified 2013-05-03 at 10:02
We will probably not be able to to document everything that happened in the past (TMNF), but I hope everyone will put an effort in documenting every upcoming events in TM2S :) In 5-6 years we can have fun looking back at everything that happened.

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