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As every week-end, more than 50 drivers met this sunday to fight in the good mood.

Zoom on this 9th day:


NRL Stadium 2013: Seq. Nascar Circuit

No big surprise on this first map.

europeanunion HPR are back after two weeks missing, that they devoted to ESL Nascar Spring Cup, and they logically dominated this race.

Saddly for de Aras who leaded the race for a long time, he made a mistake in the lasts laps and saw his teamate de Ben (that will then sign his 2nd win in NRL) and pl Kolano overtaking him. We could notice that hr Razor was missing, but despite his no-show, he'll keep his first place in the leaderboard. The race started good for fr Spyder that will drive until half race in 3rd place but will then make a mistake that will make lose too many places to come back. Also a nice fight between cz KUKU and  fr Some0ne in the lasts rounds, but the french guy will make a mistake and despite a nice time in the last lap he won't be able to come back.

We can also notice the disqualification of de Pwnstar that won't get any points despite his 5th place in the end. He once again did not respected the basics rules, so every driver behind him will gain one place in the day rankings.


  1. gold de HPR Ben
  2. silver pl BW Kolano
  3. bronze de HPR Aras
  4. es BsRs Delas
  5. de ||UC|| Pwnstar (disqualified)
  6. de cu| Elias
  7. cz KUKU
  8. fr >>NRT>>Some0ne
  9. fr >>NRT>>Spyder
  10. fr >>NRT>>Maxtor
  11. pt Emickey

Results page: here


NRL Envimix 2013: Road America 500

Huge disapointment for europeanunion NRT on this Envimix map.

The 30 laps of Road America 500 won't be successful to the "specialists" of the discipline. Among them, we were waiting for  fr MartelProd, fr Some0ne and fr Spyder in front according to the track that looked built for them. Only MartelProd will manage to reach top3 after a really weird race.

Everything looked fine at the start as the 3 pilots were well in the live rankings, even driving some really good times (dedi2 by Some0ne in the early race), but luck was not on their side this day and will trouble them until the end. Spyder will crash first, losing a big amount of time and places, soon followed by Some0ne and a bit later MartelProd, leaving then fr Marian alone in front. The NRT guys are faster and more regular but everytime they comeback on their opponents, they can't overtake them and make some mistakes. In the last 2 laps, Some0ne, who managed to reach back 3rd place will then have two big crashes and will successively let es Delas, that made a nice come back after a crash early in the race, and gb China in front of him. MartelProd will also make a mistake and will let Marian fly through his first victory in the NRL.


  1. gold fr BsRs Marian
  2. silver fr >>NRT>>MartelProd
  3. bronze es BsRs Delas
  4. gb BsRs China
  5. fr >>NRT>>Some0ne
  6. cz KUKU
  7. fr >>NRT>>Spyder
  8. de >>NRT>>Suma²²
  9. de cu| Senegat2
  10. de BsRs AcillA

Results page: here


Congrat's to all drivers, and see you next week !


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