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As you know, TrackMania is one of the most played PC game worldwide. And the game is now diversifying with the raising of ManiaPlanet (TM2, SM...), with a non-stop growing community.

To resume : more players, more teams, more tournaments.

What I want to highlight is that this community is strongly active and it is more and more difficult to follow all the events.

That's why I would like to create a special project, which would be a community tool to help us developping our organisation.


This project is ManiAgenda : a website grouping all the online and offline tournaments on ManiaPlanet games into calendar.

The principle would be that the tournament organizers submit their competition which would be validated and added to the corresponding calendar.

The objective is to create a "powered-by-community" tool which allows to see the events, their programmation and organization.

Your participation

Building this project requires time and investment. So, I will ask you to answer this little questionnary to define what are our needs.

QUESTIONNARY : http://tinyurl.com/d3jszjb

If you have some useful skills (webdesign, web development, translation...) please fill in the corresponding part!

It would be nice if this project is supported by partners, so, if you are interested in, please contact me by email : xenosis.productions@gmail.com


Thank you in advance for your participation!

fr Clément 'Xenosis' P.

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#1 by Kraguesh on 2013-04-30 at 12:35
C'est une très bonne idée. Après est ce que les gens vont l'utiliser... C'est une autre chose car bon actu-lan marche très bien comme site ainsi que les réseaux sociaux.
#2 by Xenosis on 2013-04-30 at 19:52
Je suis d'accord, mais ça peut justement aider à ressembler ces différentes sources dans un seul et unique outil. Merci pour le retour ;)
#3 by TheM on 2013-05-05 at 19:55
Nice project :)
Hopefully more people will step in and help out ;)
#4 by AceKings on 2013-05-19 at 22:07
Hello to all,
i think, that this project will be a very usefull project to become TM² Canyon known to more people.
I will be encouraged, if i can help to do this.
best regards

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