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MTT was ended last tuesday with the victory of fr.png Xp!z against uk.png Infused ! TM-Actu offers to return on this small competition.

Mini Tech Tournament

MTT was played on mini and tech maps. There was 32 teams. We can found few teams recognized, like Xp!z ou Infused, and many little teams which aim for a good result or just play for fun.

Final !

It's quite logical that we found the two biggest teams in final :fr.png Xp!z vs uk.png Infused !

And french team won it ! After a first map so close (7-5) with many mistakes, Xp!z speed up and dominate the second map (7-1). More trained, more constant and more motivated, the french team wins its first tournament !

fr.png Xp!z 2 - 0 uk.png Infused


fr.png Canna (Xp!z player) :
"It was a competition where we trained very much and we didn't neglect any match. We were strong and grouped. There is a very good agreement in our team so players are more motivated. So, I say GooD Game to my team mates for this tournament with Xp!z ! Xp!z owned everything ... go next !"

uk.png Nemesis (Infused player) :
"We had a good season overall with MTT, though with many of our players such as Remix, Nielos and Scream preparing for LAN events we were unable to utalize our best lineup for the final. Despite this we put out a good lineup and played well. Unfortunately sl3vin and canna were supremely consistant and nolifed, hats off to them. Was a good season, i look forward to the next one. GG xplz, thanks to all the Infused players who played MTT... Shoutouts to all Infused's fans and sponsors.. :D."

Play-offs tree

1/4 of Final
Semi-final Final
fr.png Yaka.C
fr.png mgk

.fr.png Yaka.C .

.fr.png Xp!z .
no.png Virtual
. .
fr.png Xp!z
. .

.fr.png Xp!z

.uk.png Infused
fr.png Phenix
. .
fr.png DDp 1
. .

.fr.png DDp 1

.uk.png Infused .
fr.png Tox²
uk.png Infused

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