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At last! After more than two months of fight, this crazy Cup has just ended this week-end. And this is the Hatr3D Team that did it. Made by great and experienced players like Marius 89, Gerd, laurens and Loverofspeed7. This team that used to be third during last season managed to beat everyone on maybe one of the hardest league administrated by the ET Team.

Indeed, this multilap cup, that last more than 2 months is really exigent for players. Every Sunday evening you have to be regular during about 1 hour, always on new maps! Every little mistakes can make you fail your race, and only really consistent players manage to stay at the top. Come-backs are really hard when you are not right in it, from the very beginning till the last turn.

So guys, you deserved all our respect for this great feat and we wish you the best for the future. The other Teams on the podium are the new Awsomniac Team (NerzulL, Terror, zuick, Zypher) and at the third place we find Demise (prod84, chuckie, Gosaft, Voyager006)

Standing :




Message from Arkone :

"Congratulations to all finalists, the podium and especially Hat3D for their victory in this edition after a third place last year.
Thanks all for participating and watching, we hope to see you next time for another great Formula ET on Trackmania² and we wish to see you for the next TGC this summer!

The ET admin team

Final Score :

So next step for TrackMania² : Canyon will be the great bigs TWL3 and TNC3! The ET Admin Team has already started to build the Mappack for this competition. You can still send them your work and get a feedback on it!

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#1 by serujio on 2013-04-19 at 00:15
next in Canyon -> TGC

TFET vod on youtube:

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