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It was in this sunny weekend of April 13th and 14th that took place the second edition of Trackmania Dirt 24 Hours, organized by europeanunion Infinity-Gamers team.

The first edition was on TrackMania Nations Forever, but with the arrival of TrackMania 2 : Stadium at the end of February, Infinity decided to bring the Dirt endurance adventure on this new ManiaPlanet title. The rules remain the same, 1 track, 4 mods (sunrise, day, sunset, night). This year, the map was built by fr Dulf.

29 teams and 4 solo players, for a total of 122 players, was ready to feel tired and take cramps in hands and fingers!

An thrilling edition

This year, the battle for the victory of Dirt 24 hours was really tight because after 12 hours of race, there was only 5 checkpoints between the first and the second team !
This second edition was also marked by the incredible performance of Linky and Elfoune, two frplayers who played the 24 hours from the beginning to the end alone. They finished respectively in the 8th place and in the 19th place of the general ranking. Some teams were create specially for the race, like the winners and the thirds of this edition.

General Ranking : 

  1. gold Fou Du Volant : fr Alonso - fr Zigbar - fr Benji - (18566 cps - 563 laps)
  2. silver TeaM-Foxfr Kansaki - nl Fool - fr Red - fr Nix - fr Dulf - fr Akyroux - (18478 cps - 560 laps)
  3. bronze Wfly : se Duffarn - no Adrinatoren - nz Pampa - se Wheeler - se Gswe81 - (18433 cps - 558 laps)

Solo Ranking : 

  1. gold Team Tout Seul² : fr Linky - (18184 cps - 551 laps)
  2. silver Team Tout Seul : fr Elfoune - (17120 cps - 519 laps)
  3. bronze Team MoMo-White : fr ZeWhite - (12526 cps - 380 laps)

The third edition will take place in a more or less 1 year !

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#1 by Benjispam on 2013-04-16 at 12:16
Merci pour ce petit résumé !
Bravo à tout le monde et à l'an prochain !

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