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FET : constant ... what else ?

With a first edition that took place in 2007, FET is an important competition by ET. Allowing players to compete in teams of 2 players on short modelap, it highlights the regularity.

Each edition oppose most of the best players on TMUF : show guaranteed! Played on 7 environments, each team must also demonstrate versatility to win among 77 teams entered!

Result of FET 5
  • nl.png Maruk, it.png Figos, nl.png JumperJack, nl.png Zooz
  • fr.png Arkone, fr.png Gued, fr.png Moun, be.png Phoenix
  • se.png Blackcat, pl.png Cayman, ru.png Maxon, ru.png N.i.k
Favorites !

  • fr.png Yannovsky
  • fr.png 20-100
  • se.png BlackCat
  • ch.png Soro
On the paper, this team is really impressive and it's maybe the favorite. But it's not sure that they will be here ... when we see that they missed two last finals...

  • fr.png Arkone
  • fr.png Gued
  • fr.png Moun
  • be.png Phoenix
Team with experience made in LSD with good players on all environments. Top2 in FET5, it's sure that they will and can win this time !

  • nl.png Quiksilver
  • it.png Figos
  • pl.png Radpl
  • nl.png Zooz
Two winners of last FET are in this team : Zooz et Figos. With them, two CMC team mates : Quiksilver (very good on TMS) and radpl (better on TMO). With this line-up, AMP is favorite too !

  • fr.png Roa
  • de.png Dengel
  • fr.png Dynasty
  • fr.png Kaka

Already here in FET5 (surprising elimination in semi-final), this teamwith TEP players and Dengel can win against best other teams ... if they are motivated.

  • ru.png N.i.k
  • ru.png Den
  • de.png Ezom
  • fr.png Oxyde
There are many changes in line-up of 'rly because just N.i.k was here when this team took third place in FET5. Other players are really good too so this team can aim for podium again.

Challengers !

  • fi.png Klovni
  • fi.png Dragonus
They are just two but ARTC finished fifth of FET5 with same line-up ! For this tournament, they can  expect a good place again because they are really constant. However, any absence can be expensive.

  • de.png Marius89
  • de.png Speed
  • de.png Malte
  • de.png Phil
It seems that old ScrewD want play together for this FET6. When we see their good performance with screwnanas in UL at this time, it's sure that we meet them in final !

  • fr.png Clement
  • fr.png Samy
  • fr.png Axatar
  • fr.png Tyrol
Team 100% fr with players of Paf and helped by Axatar (Revens), they have skill to go in final without many difficulties ... and more ?

Les Outsiders !

Grr !!
  • fr.png ProXX
  • fr.png Butcher
  • fr.png Heegy
  • fr.png Rude
Rising on United, these four players have a great desire to show all the good that we think about team Grr! during this FET6.

  • de.png Zaitsev
  • ru.png Nosteam
Like UMF, there are just two players in this team. Versatile and talented, they have same problem : no player if one of them can't play.

  • at.png ManU
  • at.png Aero
  • de.png Despo
Three XR players, regular of this competition. Tenths of FET5, we should see them in final too !

Special thanks to Yannovski for his help to write this article

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