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[UPDATE 28/03/2013]: The GA 2k13 warm-up cup is over ! After a crazy night, and an epic grand final, it's fr Nerzull who reached first place, beating his team-mate fr Zypher by 3-2 (Bo 5 maps) !



gold fr Awsomniac.Nerzull  : 18.000 Planets

silver fr Awsomniac.Zypher : 10.000 Planets

bronze fr E2G.Ludo : 7.500 Planets


[UPDATE 25/03/2013]: We now know a little more about how this cup will take place:

- First round of the tournament will start at 19h00 (as a check-in)
- Match for 3rd place will be played on wednesday at 19h30 and the final starts at 21h00
- The first map for every match is already set (for example for the Ro16 it will be Superal). The loser of this map will pick the second one and if a third map is needed, it will be picked by the winner of the first map.
- Matchservers have to be hosted on your own.

If you have any questions left or to make it easier to communicate with your opponent just join IRC (#trackmania)

Gamers Assembly is near and de Minato wanted to give you a chance of a last warmup with a little cup, which will be held on Tuesday, 26th of March.

Are you ready ?

The grand final and the match for the third place will be held on Wednesday, 27th of March.

It's a double elimination cup in Bo3 mode for Tuesday and Bo5 for Wednesday.

Principally, it's meant to be a last good train for the big event, but there's a little reward for the podium, too:

gold 1st  : 18.000 Planets
silver 2nd : 10.000 Planets
bronze 3rd : 7.500 Planets

If you want to spend any planets to increase the price pool, feel free to do so and send them to "sirc"

The current five Masters 2013 maps will be used for the cup and can be found here.

There are several servers setted up for some train which you can find here:
TA: maniaplanet://#join=maniaactu1@TMCanyon
Rounds: maniaplanet://#join=ii-canyon2@TMCanyon

How to join this cup 

32 slots for this warm-up cup, feel free to join, by creating an account on BinaryBeast, to have some fun and/or to prepare yourself to huge GA 2k13 battle !

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#1 by oNio on 2013-03-19 at 19:52
Cool thing bro !
#2 by Minato on 2013-03-19 at 20:16
thanks ludo. :)
and thanks to onio, who already spend 10k planets. :D
#3 by Aura on 2013-03-19 at 20:50
Nice idea !
I'll certainly be there to cast on or two matchs :)
#4 by Sky on 2013-03-22 at 16:59
Can't wait to see the fight !

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