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Italian TrackMania team it Black Angel is hosting the BaCampionato GP 2013 - A Formula 1 inspired tournament. Since last week, on the server of the Championship have entered the first five tracks of the new GP Championship. In practice Monday, March 18 will begin the tournament awaited by fans of this genre.

It will be a long ride that will end in mid-November, when the dust settles, the corresponding official Championship of Formula 1.
This year the rules have been revised and changed with the needs of most players. It became, from this edition, a more specialized tournament where you have to qualify to enter the race on Monday.
The race will last approximately 40 minutes. There will be pain, but for fans it will be one more reason to measure their stamina.
The first prize is expected at the time, only the winner of the individual competition.
So, with all my heart i wish you all a great championship, while thanking you for the participation, which without this competition could not take place. Thank you again.
This year, as usual, it starts with the Australian Grand Prix ... FORCE BOYS ... the server is waiting for you.

Follow this link for sign-up (in Italian):

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