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The fr Infinity-Gamers team is proud to present the 24H Dirt Endurance new edition ! Rules have not changed, but this time it's on Trackmania² Stadium that will be played ! 

24 teams had joined the first edition, what represents a little more than 110 players. The teams can have one or several players, in a limit of 6 slots. europeanunion HfB (nl Fool, se Duffarn, nz La Pampa and se Wheeler), a team created for the occasion, has won the first edition. fr Zob.Racing, a team created for the occasion too was second and fr TeaM-Fox third. The winner of the most number of checkpoints crossed was fr Elfoune, the only one who played alone the 24H, without leave the serv.

The new edition will take place Saturday, April 13th at 15H, to the next day at the same hour. During the tournament, the same track will be played with the changes of moods "Day,Sunset,Night,Sunrise,Day" according to the true hour. A plugin will be used for the change of relays between team mates.

Registrations are already opened, and will be closed April 12th at Midnight.

Registrations on : http://www.infinity-gamers.org/24h/

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#1 by Deejay on 2013-03-04 at 00:28 Modified 2013-03-04 at 00:28
TeaM-Fox is in !

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