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The Speed season over at ESL is taking form and more information about the Speed Premiership 6 and the Solo Fullspeed League 2 are now available. Groups, maps, schedules - You'll find all that below:

Speed Premiership 6

The groups for SPS6 have been released and you'll find them all over at ESL (where you also find everything else you need to know).

There will be four groups - two with 4 teams, and the other two with 5. And the groupstage phase will last for 4 weeks.

It's scheduled to start March 3rd.

There will also be a relegation phase which will be held shortly before the playoffs.

The playoffs itself will have 2 versions of it: one for the 1st and 2nd placed teams of each group which will define the winner, and also another one for the 3rd/4th and relegation winners which is 2 additional teams.

The grand final of the SPS6 is set to Sunday May 12th at 20:00 CEST.

Trailer by Shortz

Solo Fullspeed League 2

For the SFL2, not as much new information has been released. But what we do know is that the structure of it will be something like this:

It will be pretty similiar from the first edition which is a groupstage built up of 8 groups with 6 or 7 players in each. It will last for 6 weeks and after this period the best two players from each group will advance to the playoffs. In the playoffs, a 1vs1vs1vs1 format will be in effect.

The planned date for the finals is set to April 28th.

More information is found here.


The maps that will be used in both SPS6 and SFL2 have been released. These maps will also be used in the 1on1 Speed Rounds Ladder.

The maps will be used for playdays 1 to 3.

The maps are:

  • ESL - Balalaika by bl.r ¬ silver
  • ESL - Lo.OneY TuNe by »ŜŦĐ«»șΣмҰ«
  • ESL - Freak around by ¢αят ///ヂìąšӄô«

​Grab the maps here.

You will also find the map distribution for both the SPS6 and SFL2 here.

Map-preview video by Shortz (replays driven by eSU.Jumper)

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