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After 3 weeks of hard work and good ambiance on WIP topic, we are happy to present the third Oneskin ranking.

We are happy to see 11 skinners for this third edition. We hope see more for the next edition.

Congratulations for all skinners and all amazing skins !

Ranking - Comments

Today wrc, Frizbee and Carpark's team present you the third edition of OneSkin Contest !

How participate ?
  • Everyone can make an entry. just respect "Creations".
  • No register on the contest, only submit your creation before the submit deadline.
  • No need to be secret, feel free to make a wip topic in the contest section.
  • One imposed model per edition mention in "Creations" .
  • One imposed theme per edition (exemple : free skin, United Kingdom, Greenecology...) mention in "Creations".
  • short time, approximately 3 weeks to do your skin.
  • Nothing to win, just the thrill of a competition.
  • A ranking will be done by the jury, based on personal appreciation. 


You must send your creations before the 2011/04/01 at 11:59 pm.

  • Imposed model for this edition : Gallardo police by bibigallaz-
  • Available Templates : templates
  • Available PSD files : PSD Diffuse / PSD Details
  • Imposed theme for this edition :Trackmania themed intervention vehicle.
  • Creations will be available on carpark after the results.
  • Single color skins or painter skin works are not allowed.
  • You must edit the minimum, you can edit others files but not obligatory.

Models zips must contain the following files :
  • MainBodyHigh.Solid.Gbx
  • MainBody.Solid.Gbx
  • Readme.txt - informations about model and original author, converter and skinner.

How to send my creation ?

Use the submit page and indicate :
- your nickname.
- your email (in case of trouble).
- A web link where we can to download your skin, you can use this site :

Notations and jury

A jury (admins, modeler and last winner) will do a ranking based on creativity and technical.

Now you have all informations to skin but don't forget to respect the indications !
Good luck to all and don't hesitate to send your skins !

 Website of OneSkin Contest.

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