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05/03/2013 : Round 3 and 4 got played this week end. We can now see the drawing of victory get painted. Some teams already get a lot of points and come near to the podium. Unregu, GR, KFR and Hat3d remains on top of the new ladder. See the complete results and scores page 2.

25/02/2013 : Round 1 and 2 just got played yesterday! The new seeding system and Main groups organisation were a good thing as general level was more balanced than Pre-Groups. So despite really hard and crashy maps, this Sunday event was pleasant to race.

There was no big surpises about results, since all the greatest teams did a great job and brought the more points they could for their team.

Hey folks, after having played the Pre-groups during 3 crazy weeks of race, the really serious things are about to begin with the Main Group stages. Indeed, after having used Pre-Groups for seeding, ET-generation just relased their 4 Main Groups. So you can now check if your Team belongs to the lucky ones that are in easy groups, as you just kiked everyone out during last step of this tournament, or if you belong to the ones that will now know the real struggle, after a little 3 week's Warms-up.



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#1 by dalik on 2013-02-22 at 17:13
I am really interested to how many team will qualify to semi. I do not know if I shall train or not. :/
#2 by rom42 on 2013-02-23 at 13:27
It comes soon. :p
#3 by rom42 on 2013-02-24 at 13:01
It came... :p

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