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From now on, the Gamers Assembly has just announced one ShootMania Elite tournament 16 slots and one Trackmania All Edition tournament with 50 slots for Nadeo's titles.

In order to motivate players from all around the world to come, Nadeo make sensational announcements.

First of all, the number and the size of the tournaments are revised upward. It's not more than 6 tournaments which will be proposed in Nadeo's title :

  • ShootMania Elite tournament of 24 teams
  • ShootMania Royal tournament of 32 players
  • Trackmania² Canyon tournament of 24 players and ...
  • Trackmania² Stadium tournament of 24 players!

To those 4 tournaments, there will be additional tournaments with a ShootMania Joust tournament and a Trackmania United Forever tournament in the ManiaPlanet area!

The details concerning each tournament like rules, packmap, schedule will be announce soon in order to organize your trip.
We can note that Trackmania² Stadium will be presented officialy for the first time to the public in a competition, again a good reason to not miss this GA.

But let's be crazy, why stop there ? I'd like to talk about the prizes to win. We can announce a first part (and not the least) even if all has not been announced : the winners of the 4 main tournaments will win a PC Gamer Alienware X-51 (a value of approximativly 1209€)! So satisfied ?


You want more ? And if I announce you that Nadeo will organize for the first time the ManiaGala? A new ManiaPlanet event focused on the creative and fun aspect of our games and open to everyone! To discover : game modes created by the community, unusual maps, our favorites minigames, a rich and varied content. Everyone is welcome. Awards and medals will be given out to the participants and the winners.

And if with all that, you still hesitate to sign-up, I got a last thing to say to you : a scene entirely dedicated to the ManiaPlanet universe will be accessible to the players to assist to the biggest match in Trackmania and ShootMania, but also :

  • Matches Nadeo against players
  • A roundtable with Hylis (Director or Nadeo studio) and with the players, to discuss about the developement of ManiaPlanet games
  • A focus on the game modes created by the players
  • The rebroadcast of IPL6 live from Las Vegas
  • Medals ceremony of ManiaGala
  • And more surprises to come.

The end of the world is over, you have no more excuses to not come and have fun with us, hurry up to sign-up on the Gamers Assembly website, places are limited !!!




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#21 by Minato on 2013-02-22 at 16:34
otherwise people will just go back to Nations.

I don't agree with you here. Even if it will be just a copy-paste of TMNF, there is no reason for any team or organisation with a tmnf-squad to go back to an outdated game when there's kind of the same game with modern graphics which will have more tournaments or competitions with a (propably high) pricepool than the older game.

#22 by frostBeule on 2013-02-22 at 16:43
Even if it will be just a copy-paste of TMNF, there is no reason for any team or organisation with a tmnf-squad to go back to an outdated game when there's kind of the same game with modern graphics which will have more tournaments or competitions with a (propably high) pricepool than the older game.

I dunno, just look at Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source for example: Source was more or less the same game, just with updated graphics and a different engine. The majority of people (especially those involved in esports) then preferred 1.6 and stayed with that game (after the initial run of tournaments in the beginning). Some may think they were stubborn to do that, but I think it's actually very important with the smallest details when it comes to esports, so I completely understood the reasons. These days Valve are working hard to get CS:GO to be the true sequel to 1.6 - that's what I want to see from Nadeo too.
#23 by Minato on 2013-02-22 at 17:16
Well, true.

By the way:
Florent: I don't know what is this story of the alpha

TM² Stadium has never left the office as far as I am informed .

#24 by frostBeule on 2013-02-22 at 18:02 Modified 2013-02-22 at 18:06
By the way:
Florent: I don't know what is this story of the alphaTM²
Stadium has never left the office as far as I am informed.

Yeah, from the get-go, I suspected the Dignitas players were lying. No idea why they would do such a thing, but I guess it just shows what kind of people they want to be, which is good to know.
Anyway, it's (also) good to get it confirmed from the top dog that no one has tried the game.
#25 by Spam on 2013-02-22 at 18:28
Don't get to mad Frost it was just a obvious bait to see your reaction, we are as thrilled as you are for this new Stadium 2 release. hold on tight and don't hate me come on.

PS: you have to admit we got you pretty good :D

#26 by frostBeule on 2013-02-22 at 19:03
As I said, from the get-go I suspected you guys were lying about it. Especially when I spoke to people who had actual information about it, and the fact that if you're in an Alpha, you generally are not allowed to talk about it in public (Non-Closure Agreement). All of this made me confident that you were lying about it. Especially so considering your (Dignitas) history of other questionable moves and decisions.
But I wanted to see how far you'd take this lie, so I kept taking your word for it in public. Evidently, you wanted to take it pretty far. The idea behind that was to try and show to the community more clearly what kind of people you wanted to be. Remember, you didn't just try to mislead me with this information; a lot of people actually believed what you guys said was true.
I think you need to realize that perhaps this is not how you want to represent yourself (and your sponsors). Just a tip.
#27 by oNio on 2013-02-22 at 20:22
yep, not the most professional moves outside the games dudes ;)
#28 by Wotre on 2013-02-23 at 12:04
Lame joke Digni.. :)
#29 by rom42 on 2013-02-23 at 13:24
Oh, btw... Do TM really needs an e-sport scene with such kind of guys? (...)
#30 by serujio on 2013-02-24 at 13:09 Modified 2013-02-24 at 13:21
+1 for multiple trackmania enviroments at esports tournaments, more is good - competition for everyone - as said in a Nadeo video.
Now that Stadium is into Maniaplanet, and is a Trackmania 2 game, it will be up to the tournament organizer to choose which enviroment he wants at his tournament. Maybe it will be obvious to pick Stadium as it is the most popular game, or maybe they will prefer to move to the newer game. But when Nadeo is the organizer of the tournament, it´s their philosophy to give competition for all, no need to discuss it.
When a WCG, Dreamhack or anyone else wants to pick Trackmania for their tournament, they will decide what game is the best for it, they will check with the community, propose a poll, or maybe pick more than one title.
#31 by ArtiShöw on 2013-02-24 at 19:10
#30 I don't agree at all with you.

With more games as esport titles, it will divide amount of professional players as well as number of organizations. Remember that multigamings provides money to support teams and are not able to support so many line ups on different games, so they will get a game 'priority' or 'preference'. Recruiting line up on the title the most interesting for them in term of advertisement, viewers etc. It works the same for LANs organisators, they will check most interesting environment(s) and provide cash price for it, all organisators are not as developed as DREAMHACK or ESWC so they will pick only what they can afford to (if they do... remember that TM is not present in a lot of lans...). This means if we imagine the utopia that there will be plenty of LANs selecting TM environments, you will see sometimes all envi sometimes one etc. It can't work, this will be a lame way to work and a lame eSport for TrackMania.

eSport on many title never worked good actually, not even with games on a larger scale like Counter-Strike for instance, they just split the community in two parts and now are trying to fix what they did wrong with a new game with the goal to reunify the whole community (both 1.6/Source in GO).

We saw that it didn't work that well for TrackMania, at moment, compared to other games like FPS or RTS so if we start dividing it more this will be ruin to 0. So we should rather focus only on one game the most 'developed' at moment and then when the game is established, start to try to invest on other environments. Even though I highly doubt of a success (see Counter-Strike).

#32 by serujio on 2013-02-24 at 20:11
I don´t think one enviroment hurts another. In general it´s different players that prefers, and stays, with one or another enviroment. The way you talk, it seems you want Canyon players to move to Stadium if they want to play tournaments, but they prefer to play Canyon... I think it´s better to let the tournaments decides this. And on tournaments promoted by Nadeo, having more enviroments can´t be bad, because all players get satisfied, and the developer gets satisfied too, by having more of their games being played and watched live.
Now Stadium is into Maniaplanet and TM2, and I think it will probably change a lot how people will see it. Who didn´t know Trackmania before, would thought it was natural to pick Canyon because it was THE TM2 game. But now Stadium is TM2 as well. And if it has much more players than the other enviroments, it will have most of the tournaments, naturally.
#33 by ArtiShöw on 2013-02-24 at 21:20
It does hurt in the eSport way. You are doing the mistake to tend to compare casual gaming with eSport which is completely wrong way to think.

In casual gaming, many games are not hurting each other till they are all played.

In eSport it divides as I said above because of 'money' bet on it. Organisations such as multigamings, lan organisators don't have infinite ressources to invest on games and then will have to make a choice (which is really bad in my opinion).

It is better for everyone to run with a game with 100% support from the company, from players and from organisators which completely rule in eSport, being selected in most notable LAN with a good future and very good basis than 2, 3 or more games supported at 20-30% by the company/players and most of the time 10% by organisators and organisations.

Moreover a bad example of division is what we could see in ESWC, with 'only' 8slots for TMNF (because of Canyon) which in the past had reached up to 24 or more (ESWC 2008 if I'm not mistaken).

I don't think things will go far if we keep that way to go, we will get stuck into some LANs party, not much reknown and still being considered as a 'casual' game. Who don't know about Starcraft 2 ? Who don't know about League of Legends, Dota ? Who don't know about Counter-Strike ? But who really knows about TrackMania :|

#34 by infarctus on 2013-02-25 at 09:20
always the same speech...We understood that you wanted everything for stadium, no need to arg anymore. But when you'll understand that there are ppl who love the others and want to compet at high level, when you'll understand that, as long as there will be players, there will be room for everyone, we'll reach a new step of comprehention and sharing...
Why you guys do always want all, for eSport, for the good of the game blablabla...
Things are done in a natural way. There is a lot of things for stad because it rocks, for sure...But stop fighting for the dead of another game...Let ppl live their passion.
#35 by znik on 2013-02-25 at 10:44
+1 for multiple trackmania enviroments at esports tournaments, more is good - competition for everyone - as said in a Nadeo video.

As good and uniting as this may sound, do we really afford this split-up in tournaments, prizes and organisations? When we already see the status of TrackMania in esport, I find it very hard to believe that multiple environments will be very constructive to a future sustainable esport within TrackMania.

But when you'll understand that there are ppl who love the others and want to compet at high level, when you'll understand that, as long as there will be players, there will be room for everyone

We do completely understand that. But when our most popular environment in esport gets surrounded by other environments that can't compete against Stadium in terms of player amount and activity, It doesn't feel natural that NADEO is pushing the other environments equally as Stadium. The only effect taken by this is lower prize pools, lower player spots and the chance of TrackMania getting low priority in the bigger events increases because 1. They are not sure about which environment to choose 2. The popularity is not sufficient enough for it to be presented for big audience. 3. Fewer sponsors and organizations are involved in each environment because of the split-up.

But who knows, maybe Canyon and Valley can be as popular as Stadium, but I can't say I think of it very realistic, taken the current statistics into account.

#36 by tRkr on 2013-02-25 at 13:57
An idea could be to create an event like blizzcon adapted to maniaplanet games. In this way, each maniaplanet player could play his favorite game at a top level once a year, and there will be one world champion in each game (starcraft, world of warcraft @ blizzcon for example)

The main problem is, doing this kind of thing is impossible without a good support by developpers themselves. I guess that Nadeo would like to do it at GA, but I doubt they will be involved in doing one very big international event per year. They don't have the capacity, neither the motivation.

#37 by frostBeule on 2013-02-26 at 16:00 Modified 2013-02-26 at 16:07
+1 ArtiShöw and znik.

tRkr: yes I think that's kinda their idea with this event. And I also think it's fine to have all the games present of course.
But I think it's much better to have a greater focus on just 1 title as the primary esports game. Just like Blizzard have with Starcraft 2 hosting events such as the "StarCraft II World Championship Series" which runs year long. Also, they are supporting all the other big events (GSL, MLG etc) who holds multiple events a year.
For TrackMania I don't want it to evolve into being just a 1 event/year thing - that's not esports to me.

So yeah, like you say, we definitely would need the support and co-operation from Nadeo. They seem to try very hard doing this with ShootMania, so why not with TrackMania as well. But I think it may be as you say: they simply don't have the capacity nor the motivation/passion to make that happen.

I think ultimately what we need is competition from other developers to get things rolling; developers who really have a desire to create an esports racing game for the future. But right now, Nadeo have the monopoly.

#38 by serujio on 2013-02-26 at 19:41 Modified 2013-02-26 at 20:37
they probably can´t push Trackmania like they are doing with Shootmania right now for many reasons, but not for lack of motivation or passion, that´s for sure.

and if there´s no competition for Trackmania on esports it shows that it is difficult to do it, but Nadeo are still doing it!

#39 by rom42 on 2013-02-26 at 19:57
... Professional... ... Gaming... ... Oxymoron?
#40 by infarctus on 2013-02-26 at 20:07
Well w've got that blizzcon...It's called ESWC :D There is 1 big event on Canyon, Only one...Its just sad that there is also only 1 Sadium big eent. I'm pretty sure you could do many, and without Canyon that couldnt follow because lack of players. But there is not. So who's fault? NAdeo? Naaa i dont think so

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