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A new great Facebook page has been established called TrackMania Team Carskins Collection. The page is created by be Gili who decided he wanted a place to collect and share all the incredible team car skins that has been made throughout the years of TrackMania Nations.

Sofar not many skins have been uploaded to the page, but the number is steadily rising. There is also opportunity to download the skins, which you see an example of below.
A picture of team br 711's 2 car skin designs which you can download here and here.

Send in YOUR Team Skin(s)

If you wan't to be part of this project and see your own team's skin(s) be featured on the page, send Gili a message with a download link to the skin(s).

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#1 by Aken on 2013-02-18 at 15:07
Such a good idea!

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