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Hey folks! Cerovan, NADEO's community manager just announced on the official forum that ZOTAC comes back, but this time, this will be on Shootmania : Storm! Every Trackmania² players remember that this is not the first time we hear about them. Indeed ZOTAC hosted similar 1v1 cups on Canyon for 1 year,  the days were Frostbeule was unbeatable. Unfortunatly, we can remember too that this event just stoped because of lack of players and registerings.

So we really hope that this time, players will be there! That makes no doubt for us, with the arrival of lots of Beta testers that want to improve and begin their profesional gaming career. So just check out the rules and prices just below.

The rules :

  • 1v1 Joust
  • Every Sunday 2 PM CEST
  • Starting 24th Febuary
  • Until the Round of 16: Best of 1
  • Round pf 16 until the Finals: Best of 3
  • Finals: Best of 5
  • 100 Euros every Sunday for the Winner
  • Special Cup every months

So, NADEO chose once again diversity by using the Joust Game mode. This is a really good point as Shootmania is full of amazing competition gamemodes, and we can just applaud when there is something else than Elite.

The monthly Cup :

ZOTAC will also host a monthly cup with all the best plyers of the weekly one. There will be a rank system that determine if you will play the monthly or not. Prices are off course better.

  • 1st Place: €250
  • 2nd Place: €150
  • 3rd Place: €100

So it is up to you to show to ZOTAC that they made the right choice to trust NADEO with this game's event. We really hope to see amazing Streams every Sundays,with all the best Joust players!


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#1 by Laurens on 2013-02-15 at 11:02
Zotac Cup, Pleas come back to TM Canyon! :)
#2 by Weeeeee on 2013-02-17 at 18:32
Why should they? In the end it consisted of some 15-20 players every week, altough you had a potential of three-edged numbers(ET-tourneys showed that) but almost every player I talked to said they didn't want to play because they weren't trained, so people just wanted to play if they had a chance for the money, which makes no sense whatsoever. If just the TM2 community were up for it, the cups would surely have lasted, but it seemed like noone really cared except a very very small number of regular players.

Also there are even much less players at Canyon today, so you could have problems even reaching a two-edged numbers at times.

#3 by frostBeule on 2013-02-19 at 13:23 Modified 2013-02-19 at 13:24
I think because of Canyon's failure, chances are extremely slim we will ever see another TrackMania game in Zotac. And from the looks of it, Nadeo and Ubisoft will mostly support ShootMania in esports events from now on.
#4 by Laurens on 2013-02-20 at 22:19
Well frostBeule, everyone knows your "hate" of canyon. I didn't ask to express that again. It's an awesome game and you should respect it too, it can be as popular as TMNF. Which it defenetely was at ESWC if I look to the crowd.

Weeee, your comment is right, but it was still awesome, you should at least try it again, imo.
It should deserve a chance again, an equal chance to all maniaplanet games in my oppinion!

#5 by Weeeeee on 2013-02-23 at 10:33
"Should try it again" Deserves a chance again" Why? There is as said nothing at all that says that canyon deserves another chance, because it couldn't magically get a three-edged number.

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