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Hey folks! The Clam'Arena #13 starts tomorow! This event that take place in Clamart, near Paris, will host a Shootmania : Storm tournament with some great prizes. 11 Teams registered among the 12 available slots, and some great Lines-up will come and show their skill there.

Off couse, Mania-Actu will be at this party and will give a complete coverage with embed streams, live results and brackets. So stay tuned here to not miss a piece of this tournament.

The teams that registered so far :

  • PyRoGEN (Hybr1d, sprco, qUAkO)
  • Epsilon (s7, Sephis, thek1ng)
  • MISTRAL (moonL, XSOO, kryw)
  • imaginary Gaming (evl, kallenge, SIMOON)
  • imaginary Gaming EU (nAka, Platernity, SeeDs)
  • webOne (mayamz, khan, greg2fram)
  • eternal Playerz (Ludo, Diq, Dkalko)
  • Audere Semper (bRambiShow, Shuuz!, Rbwxz)
  • supa galactic monkeys (tomdevil, achounay, lastoo)
  • Night Storm (AZUMMA, Tircon, Gearmat)
  • oRIGIN (soZ, xenome, DozX)
  • Les Tétons Maléfiques (aKm, Butch3r, Hqrdest)

With only 1 Italian and 1 European team, this event will be mostly a French one. But with most of the best national Teams of the game, this tournament will host some awesome games, so let's check this out! A stream will be embed on our Home Page.

Complete schedule of the event :


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