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Division 1

1. de Team Acer 13
2. gb Team Dignitas 11
3. fr 3DMAX 11
4. se Druidz 6
5.  Rule Them All 5
6. no BX3 5
7. de Dac-SP 1
8. cz Neophyte



Team Acer and Team Dignitas are confirming their role of favourite by taking the first two positions. I must say that Dignitas is looking a bit weaker than during last years Stadium Team Championships (STC) and that Acer is looking stronger. So it will be a very nice fight between those two. On place 3 we have 3DMAX which isn't a real surprise for me. They are looking very strong! However they still have to face Dignitas and Acer in their last two matches, let's see if they can keep their third spot! Equally strong (on paper stronger), proven by their draw, we have BX3 who should normally finish the group phase on place 3 or 4. They already played against Acer, Dignitas and 3DMAX, so in theory they now have easier points to gain. Druidz stands on place 4 at the moment, but it will be hard for them to keep this place. They looked a bit unmotivated and were performing on their usual level, but it seems like they have found their motivation once again. Rule Them All is standing at place 5 at the moment and it looks like they will end quietly in the middle of the group. They are performing very well, motivated as usual but not as superb like in STC. However even though you are at place seven for exemple, it doesn't mean that you are playing bad because the level in this division is incredibly high! On the second to last place we have Dac-SP who has a very strong line up, but then again, so do 7 out of 8 teams in this division. Maybe they can climb a few places, let's see! Standing on the last place we have Neophyte with 0 points, and it seems like they will continue having that position.

Division 2

1. fr Insight 13
2.  Funteam 12
3. de Elite 7
4. de Fusion 7
5.  A New Era 7
6. no Gamersleague 6
7. pl Frogs of War 4
8. pt TRTeam 1


There are quite a few changes over here! Elite has lost the role of favourite and dropped down to third. Funteam advanced to second place. Insight remains the top favourite with strong performances. They are making a nice progress especially thanks to the recruites of Zack and Alex. Also Funteam (who wanted to be in third division, but when they knew they were put in second they recruited some high skilled players like  de Smie and de Pokey and that is paying off) is performing well standing firmly on the second place. Then we have three teams with seven points: Elite, Fusion and A New Era. It's hard to say who is the strongest  but it's remarkable that Elite lost vs ANE and drawed vs Fusion. ANE also beat Fusion so maybe they are the favourite for place 3. But apparently everybody can beat everybody in this division; a proof of this is the only point of the last placed TRTeam due to a draw vs Insight. On place six we have Gamersleague who is performing well with losing vs the top 3, but beating ANE - they are showing that they belong in this division. Which is something we can't really say of place 7, Frogs of War. The Polish team isn't doing bad at all, but they don't seem to have that little extra needed to take the victory. On the last place we have the Portuguese TRTeam.

Division 3

1. fr Dieux Du Pieu 11
2. de myRevenge 11
3.  VXA 10
4. de Dac-SP 2 9
5. lt Speed Breakers 6
6. nl Mouse Control 5
7.  VSP 3
8. fr Saw 0


Dieux Du Pieu is the leader at the moment which is a little surprise to me. I saw them finishing around place 5 or something like that. But they are performing well with especially fr Zuzur and fr Aswer stepping up their game. Also myR (former Avenue) is winning their matches. We shall see next playday with the confrontation of the two leaders who can step up their game! Right behind them with only point less, we have Virtual Xtreme Artillery. They seem to be the clear number 3 together with Dac-SP 2 because they lost points vs myR and DDP but won vs Speed Breakers. Then we have Dac-SP 2: same story as VXA, we will have to wait for their confrontation to see who ends as third. Maybe if the leaders lose some points, some surprises can still happen. A close top 4, that's for sure! Speed Breakers is standing at place 5, but they prove to be among the best of the division by drawing vs the two leaders. Then we have Mouse Control who is weakened a lot after nl Koenz leaving and has a small line up. They are trying their best to keep up and are succeeding pretty well. The two weaker teams of the division are SAW and VSP who are at the bottom.

Division 4

1. br HUEHUEHUE 15
2. fi DFF 13
3. de THE 7
4. se Nspire 7
5. be iGn | Core 7
6. fr Impact 6
7. fr eXception 3
8. no SSR 0


There are two clear leaders in this group. HUEHUEHUE is the clear favourite beating all teams. Not always with clear differences, but they have 15 out of 15 maximum points. Right after them we have Drivers From Finland who are performing very well as well and are almost sure of ending 2nd minimum. On place 3 we have TrackmaniaHeroesEurope, Nspire and iGn|Core with seven points. It's hard to predict which team is the best. iGn|Core drawed vs DFF in first playday but lost the points due to missing game accounts, so maybe they are higher favourites. But THE also drawed vs DFF but then lost vs Nspire where iGn|Core drawed vs Nspire. It's hard to say, let's just wait and see! On place six we have Impact who started well, but is falling back a bit. They don't give a motivated impression at the moment. eXception is doing well, but I don't think they have the required skill to be in the top 5. Let's hope for them they can stay in division four! On the last place we have SSR who wanted to be put in third division. Luckily that didn't happen, because they clearly don't have what it takes (at this moment, maybe due to circumstances) to be even in fourth division.

Division 5 (a)

1. de ESU 13
2. cz Insenia 11
3.  Team Insects 4
4. se Team Q 4
5. pt TRTeam 2 4
6. br SpeedBr 2
7. de Hal.ko 0
8. se nIw.se Racing  


and ESU are close together, shown by their draw. If it wasn't for the draw of Insenia vs SpeedBr on the first playday, it would have been very close. But this will probably decide the victory of the group. On place 3 we have Insects, Team Q and TRTeam 2 all with four points. Exciting to see who will get that third place! SpeedBr is staying behind with two draws. Hal.ko has 0 points and nIw.se Racing has forfeited from the tournament.

Division 5 (b)

1. fr pro 7
2. sk Only For Fun 7
3. fr Cie des Abrutis Motories 5
4. be iGn | Cell 5
5. pl GWC 3
6.  iD 2
7. fr Acorn  
8. pt RavageGaming  

A lot has happened in this division due to the forfeits of Acorn and Ravagegaming. Acorn was the clear favourite for the victory of this division but they didn't agree with several admin decisions and decided to focus on a different tournament. Ravagegaming got unmotivated I guess. First it seemed like OFF was going to be the new favourite of the division, but then they lost vs pro. So now it's a close fight between those two teams! Right behind them we have CAM and iGn|Cell. It's very unclear what's gonna happen. My guess (looking at upcoming/remaining matches) is 1st place: pro, 2nd: OFF, 3rd: ign|cell, 4th: CAM, 5th: iD and 6th: GWC. But we shall see in two weeks!


Kind regards,

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