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Here we are folks! The day everyone was waiting for has arrived! Indeed it does not comes without making any damages. Indeed, the v.3 of the beta is far from being loved by all the community. Some amazing changes on Elite mode make it hard to be adopted by players...

But with the Opening of the beta, for free and with full access to Shootmania : Storm content, this game that knew a lightning launch and rise with awesome tournaments, will pass a new step. The fact that every gamers on planet earth will be  able to easily download and play the game will simply put Maniaplanet at the top of the gaming world.

An awesome wave of new players are expected, and it is up to you to welcome them on this exigent game. Mabe thousand of new users will travel all around Maniaplanet and will have to discover by themselves this huge concept. So for all the ones that loved the quietness of their Royal server or their little Elite pracc, this time will already be gone when you will read these lines.

Time for pro Elite players to be spectated by a crowd of fans that would kill to know how to be the best. Time for Royal players to rage against random noob shots. And of course time for the ones who will discover for the first time this amazing tool that is called Maniaplanet, a way to rise up and express themselves with creations.

But to prepare this Beta testers arrival, NADEO did well and made a new update, here are themain changes :

Open Beta :

  • Full game content for free until release
  • LAN mode
  • Bug fix
  • removed the "graphics are running low"
  • removed the rocket jump on the head of a buddy to avoid map making to take it into account everywhere
  • fixed the AFK bug
  • added settings for Elite and tools to balance
  • added things useful for the Elite Lobbies, that can be now run (we will do some tests later in the day or in the week)
  • added the snapshot deltatime
  • fixed some peer to peer issues
  • fixed some replay issues
  • link the streamer information up to the server browser if we want to display it


You can download the game here :

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#1 by Zooz on 2013-02-13 at 00:48
pff, they didn't fix the interface? that's not gonna help to pull new players in!
here's a (true) forum quote about some person's first experience in Shootmania:

"This game probably has the worst UI I've ever seen in a FPS, maybe in any game ever. It doesn't even have it's own executable, you have to install their ManiaPlanet client and then start that, roll through it, start Shootmania, go through the menus in that, and then find a game by going through the server menus with lots of incorrect information (plenty of times says game is full, click it, no one on the server)"

and that doesn't even mention all the updating everywhere -_-

#2 by infarctus on 2013-02-13 at 09:48
oh really zooz?! What's the big deal. It takes like 3 minutes to understand how it work...
#3 by Sky on 2013-02-13 at 11:13
3 minutes to understand maniaplanet, 3h to understand a zooz map's ^_^

seriously, the UI moving in the right direction, not perfect but better ;)

#4 by Zooz on 2013-02-13 at 18:01
sure, it's easy to understand if you've played TMF for years already and played tm2 before.
#5 by infarctus on 2013-02-14 at 08:39
so my conclusion : they should have play it!

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