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Up 18/03/11 :

Even if WCG didn't announce all games for this year, maybe a french LAN (Reunion Island) sent us an answer about Trackmania.

Indeed, the winner of Festival of Gamers (fr.png Gears) won a final ticket with trip offered !

Speculation of organizers ? TM in WCG 2011 ? TM-Actu tried to join admins of this LAN ... but we haven't an answer at this time. To be continued ...

source : Festival of Gamers

World Cyber Games, which take place in South Korea, announced games for this event.

  • Starcraft II
  • Counter Strike 1.6
  • Warcraft III
  • League of Legends
  • World of Warcraft
  • Crossfire
  • Special Force
  • Tekken 6
  • Fifa 11
As you can see, Trackmania isn't in these games ! So, even if you can see TM in WCG 2009 and 2010, maybe not this year ! Caution : However, additional games may be announced.

Answer of community !

In response to this announcement, please post a comment on the WGC : here !

Goooooooooooo !

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