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Hey folks! Here we are with a huge update that came live yesterday evening. This Beta 3 was launch to prepare the game for the tsunami of open beta testers, and to introduce lots of new features about sounds, graphics, gameplay and gamemodes. We can now have a little idea about the shape NADEO want to give to its game.

All we can say for now, after only some test games, is that this update is the most important one since the Alpha, as there are some parts of the gameplay that totally changes the vision of the game, and the most important are for Elite game mode!

Official Patch note

Main features

  • Major CPU optimizations, including the removing of the debug information that accelerate the execution.
  • Gameplay: Instant reload of half an ammo when you hit someone
  • Land or water decorations, and 8 lighting moods instead of 4. Major textures update.
  • In-game UI features, update and libraries. Markers can now be manialinks. Improved score tables.
  • New mode: Realm. The team with the most poles continuously score and needs the confirmed majority to win.
  • Elite mode: defense can now select their weapon. If they select laser, attacker always locates them.
  • Battle mode: Battlewaves renamed Battle. More information on atk/def score. Unique point of engagement.
  • Gameplay consolidation: more precise walljumps, more acceleration and constant jump from wetwood
  • Updated autobalance function that takes into account the result of the last match.
  • Elite matchmaking with lobbies.
  • Musics

Additional features

  • Advanced sound balance: decrease the volume first decrease the rocket trails and explosion.
  • Players are suggested to add the server they are leaving to their favorite
  • Bunkers have a starting block without the camera zoom purposingly.
  • Some enhancements in the editor, like being capable to put blocs on top of others over zone frontiers.
  • More trees and the ability to slightly change tree colors
  • Away from keyboard management in script. Now put in spectator, with a resume button displayed
  • A function determine the beginners and enable scripts to help them. Invite your clumsy friends ^_^
  • Rankings of buddies

The test!

After having travel around all the changes and testing some games, we can say that the game is ready to be launched, at least as an open beta. Indeed CPU optimization are impressive and the gain of FPS too.

About new features on Elite, only time and pro players opinion will tell us if this gameplay is relevant or not. But our first feeling is that the dynamism is quite impressive and really nervous, despite the fact that many players complains about the rail for defenders. Indeed, many little changes increase the game nervously, like wallhack for attacker (on rail defenders) , the decreasing of reloading when you hit someone, moves, easier walljump. We can not wait to see tournaments streams with all these new features.

One of the best improvement is the Lobby system for Elite. Indeed, since the beginning of NADEO, this is the first time they insert a lobby system, and this feature, asked by testers since Alpha, is here now!

We can regret just one thing : There are no changes for Canyon, but as Hylis said, they will concentrate on it as soon as open Beta is out! So be patient...

The next meeting will be the Open beta launching with LAN mode and official team and continental ranking.

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#1 by Uzless on 2013-02-10 at 20:07
Je suis vraiment déçus au propos du mode Elite...
#2 by Deejay on 2013-02-11 at 12:17
3 beta c'est quand même plus que long ...
#3 by Alex on 2013-08-29 at 19:03
La Beta 3 c'est vraiment n'importe quoi ! NADEO préfère écouté des joueurs no skill plutôt que les joueurs pro.
Les no skill pleurent car ils ne savent pas Small Jump ou que c'est trop dur, donc Nadeo les réduit ? Mais OMG !
Pratiquement 90% des joueurs utilisent les Small Jump , ça fait partie du skill. Pas étonnant que des plus en plus de joueurs stop Shootmania.

Bientôt seul les no skill jouerons encore.

NADEO à crée un super jeu pour l'eSport, mais ils sont entrain de le détruire petit à petit !

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