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Yesterday, Oldschool champions were back! Showing to the Trackmania world that they never gave up, and are still here to show some skills. Indeed, the TMO Maniacup, that gathered 56 TMUF fans, has been won by our favorite Rally freak : BlackCat! Gratz to him, and see you at UL10!

Top 10 :

  • BlackCat
  • Marius
  • Zooz
  • Zepset
  • Red Shreder
  • Yannovsky
  • Mimmish
  • Tunga
  • Bnk_rs
  • Chris

Next meeting will be ext week 19/02/13 with the Maniacup special TMS!



The Trackmania Original Maniacup is tonight! So check this out and do not miss it, and try to be one of the 80 players that are qualifd for the Playoffs!

Hey folks! ET-Generation decided to host some Maniacups on Trackmania United Forever in order to prepare for the incoming UL10. So this is the big come back of something that pleased all the community and have not been done since ages : Maniacups!

As a recall, maniacups are ingame tournaments that appeared some years ago for the ESWC 2008 Stadium qualifications. This ingame system was so easy to handle and convenient for palyers that many cups where hosted on all the TM1 games.

So, for now, ET offers 2 Maniacups with 1 TMO and 1 TMS! So it is time for you to prepare for war, turn on your engines and get ready for an awesome OLD school fight!

ET's message :

Rom42 : "Hello everybody,
After the Christmas break, Electronic Tournaments is pround to announce new competitions on Trackmania United.
First, we wil run two Maniacups: a good opportunity to get back your feelings before the United League 10.

The first Maniacup will be run on the three Trackmania Original environments (Desert, Rally, Snow). You can already register and qualify, registrations and qualifications will remain open until Tuesday, February 12, 20:40 CET. The playoffs will be played 20 minutes later, i.e on 21:00 CET.

The second Maniacup will be run on the three Trackmania Sunrise environments (Island, Bay, Coast). Registrations will be open on Tuesday, February 12, 20:00 CET. Qualifications will be open from February 12, 21:30 to Tuesday, February 19, 20:40. The playoffs will be played 20 minutes later, i.e on 21:00 CET.

The Map-pack is made of UL9 submissions that were close to be selected, of which a lot from new mappers.

After the two Maniacups, the United League 10 will start. We plan to open the registrations around February 15 and to have the first round on February 27. Stay tuned for the official announcement of the UL10!

We wish you a lot of fun!
The ET admin team."


The only regret is the chosen mode. The games will be 16 players, motoGP points with 6 rounds on each 3 maps! It is so sad that once again, ET does not use this 1v1v1v1 mode (with or without Finalist) developped by NADEO, supported by every Major Tournament admins, ad so much better for players/spectators. We know that Maniacup can handle this Gamemode but once again, ET chose to do things original...But sometimes, classics modes are just epic where originality is crappy and boring.

Our feeling this morning is a mix between extasy and sadness..Maybe next time...

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