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You still have 2 days to submit your Elite mapping work, before we close it! So it is your last chance to see your work on high level european competition.

Just send it to  shootmania@drakonia.eu and let the vote start!

Drakonia/maniaActu and ESL decided to unite for a common mappack for the ShootMania Community on the Elite gamemode.
They also decided to create a new system to change the map. Let's discover this in the news.


  • Players will send their maps and the global staff and some beta testers (who will changed each mappack) will prepare a list of 9-10 maps.
  • Players will vote to choose the 3 to 6 new maps to added.
  • Players will also vote to choose 3 to 6 old maps to keep.
  • A map can stay only 3 or 4 rotation maximum.
  • Mappack change every 2-3 months depending of next events.
  • You will be able to vote for a 3 week period.
  • The pack will contain 9 maps each time.

For the first mappack which will be released the 1st April (it's not a joke!), we will give you the opportunity to vote between 3 IPL6 maps to be added and a second vote to choose 6 new maps between 15 new maps in total. The vote will be from Saturday 2nd March to Saturday 23rd March at 23.59.

Send your maps!

No special rules, just be careful not to make too heavy maps that can not be played easily on low settings, without the use of hex that can add some bugs to the game and a map made for the Elite gamemode.
You can send us your maps at shootmania@drakonia.eu

We will also release a common rules will be released soon so that every tournament has a base level of regulations and maps.

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#1 by Kyb on 2013-02-06 at 00:33
Good news

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