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ESL will be hosting 2 major Speed tournaments in the near future with the announcement of both the Speed Premiership 6 and the Solo Fullspeed League 2! You will find information for the tournaments below, aswell as on how to submit your Speed maps to ESL. 

Speed Premiership 6

ESL having been a great source for Speed tournaments in the past has decided to host a 6th edition of the Speed Premiership!

The ability to register your team is now possible. What's new is that this time there will be more than 1 division available to play in.

These are the restrictions you need to follow to register:

  • For Premier League: At least 5 and maximum 16 players in your team
  • For Second League: At least 5 and maximum 22 players in your team
  • A homepage entered
  • Uploaded team logo in your teamsheet

Also important information:

  • You need to create a seperate team account/or use the existing one!
  • To lock the teams ESL need separate team accounts for all Premierships.
  • You NEED TO use the account you qualified with for the Premiership! Here a small tutorial about how the new team structure should work:

Register your team to the Speed Premiership Season 6 here.

The deadline to register your team is set to Saturday February 16th, 23:59 CET.

Solo Fullspeed League 2

ESL proudly presents a 2nd edition of the Solo Fullspeed League! The same maps will be used as in the Speed Premiership. It will likely run at the same time as the team tournament aswell, as its individual counterpart.

The format of the tournament is not yet fully decided. But ESL hints at it probably having a 64 player groupstage, with a 1v1v1v1 playoffs phase. The groups will be seeded manually and randomly.

The restrictions to sign up are these:

  • Valid TMNF gameaccount entered into profile sheet
  • Intention about participating

​Register to the Solo Fullspeed League 2 here.

The deadline to register is set to Saturday February 16th, 23:59 CET.

Speed Maps Wanted

ESL also needs new Speed maps to be used in the tournaments. Some are already being built by direct request from ESL to certain mappers.

But there is still a possibility to submit your own maps to be selected by ESL.

The requirements for that are:

  • Name: "ESL-'name'" Use what you want for "name"
  • Length: 45 - 60 seconds
  • Make it ridable for every cam
  • Make it finishable in case of a small mistake
  • Do not set a password so that if a tiny update is needed we can react quickly
  • A GPS can be there, but not on the start block
  • Outros are forbidden
  • The track is not uploaded anywhere
  • Only classic boosts are allowed
  • Night mood is forbidden (A lot of players were forced to change their settings to be able to see clearly the curves of the map because of shadows)
  • The track was not used in any competition
  • The track is known only by yourself
  • use the ESL signs (NOTE: use them via 'add URL' when choosing ads. find the URLs in the loc files)
  • Blockmixing is allowed as long as it doesn't produce graphic glitches and holes on ground

And to submit your maps, do this:

  • Send your maps to this email address:
  • Use the following style for your mail subject: "Maps - Speed - *your nickname*"

The deadline to send in your maps is set to Saturday February 16th, 23:59 CET.

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