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ESL is bringing back Dirt in a serious matter with the return of the Dirt Premiership!

As a result of that, ESL are now looking for dirt maps to be used in the tournament. The maps that will eventually be picked will also be used in other smaller cups, aswell as in the 1on1 Dirt Round Ladder.

Sounds interesting? You'll find the requirements needed below:

  • name: "ESL-'name'" use what you want for "name"
  • no special signs in the name
  • length: 55 - 65 seconds
  • make them ridable for every cam
  • use of ESL Signs (NOTE: use them via 'add URL' when choosing ads. find the URLs in the loc files)
  • the tracks are not uploaded anywhere
  • Blockmixing is allowed, if it does not produce graphical glitches or driving bugs
  • try stick to the daylight moods (morning, day)
  • GPS is allowed, but only with a fake finish
  • Intros & Outros are forbidden
  • the scenery is up to you (make sure it doesn't produce lags, lighting problems or graphical bugs!)
  • the tracks were not used in any competition before
  • the tracks are just known by yourself

To submit your maps, do as following:

  • Send the maps to this email address:
  • Remember to also include a replay with each map
  • Use the following style for your mail subject: "Maps - Dirt - *your nickname*"

The deadline for submitting maps is set to March 20th.

Information on when the registration for the tournament opens will be announced soon.

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#1 by Deejay on 2013-01-28 at 19:19
Of course I'm interested :D go in the editor, a track comes soon :P
#2 by wormi on 2013-02-25 at 09:49
Map sent : )

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